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    Our Mission


    Our pets are funny, quirky, joyful creatures who trust us. their regivers, without condition. They enrich our lives in the simplest of ways: a look, a lick, and with the most gratifying of gestures, a fuzzy nuzzle. They are our parters in life and for that reason Sleepypod believes they deserve the very best. It means that we don't cut corners. Safer products take more time to research, design and test. We do the heavy lifting so that you don't have to guess about the safety of your pets products. This is our mission, beuse the best things are worth the effort. Our loyal, furry companions are worth the extra effort.

    Proven and Certified

    Mobile Pet Bed and rriers

    Multifunctional rriers n be used as safe r seats and cozy napping spots at home or on the go.

    Crash Tested and Certified

    Safety Harnesses

    Crash tested safety harnesses in a wide range of sizes for dogs allow you to fasten your dog into the seat belt securely.

    Safety is always our #1 priority

    Research and Development

    Safety is Sleepypod's number one priority. See how our team works harder to make safer pet products.

    Sleepypod Saving Lives


    The Sleepypod Safety Test Program requires each Sleepypod product meet the highest standards for safety in order to reduce pet exposure to possible hazards. To protect the joy of driving with pets, we put Sleepypod dog harnesses and pet rriers through stringent safety tests to include static material tensile testing and dynamic crash testing at the standard set for child safety restraints.

    Myla Rae

    “I was driving on wet roads…when I approached a r stopped
    ahead of me. I breaked with what should have been enough time
    to stop, however my wheels locked up and my r just skidded
    until we hit the stopped r. My r is totaled, however the r
    I hit is fixable…When I knew we were going to crash I just looked
    at her and watched how hard she hit into her harness and nnot
    believe she is fine. We left my r… and rushed her to the vet
    where she was checked over thoroughly and cleared physilly
    and neurologilly… it has saved my girl’s life. She would have
    gone through the windscreen without it with how hard she hit.”

    (Protected by Clickit Sport)


    “The CHP and fire personnel arrived and said I was lucky
    I was not seriously injured. When they saw my dog still
    strapped in his seat with his ClickIt Sport harness on, I saw
    their faces change. They said this could have been way worse
    and he could have been ejected through the windshield. The
    look on their faces after seeing my dog safe and unharmed let
    me know how lucky we were. I will never let him ride along in
    a r without his harness on.”

    (Protected by Clickit Sport)


    “I collided with the rear of a SUV. No one was hurt and my r was totaled.”

    (Protected by Clickit Terrain)

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